Counselors Corner

Mrs. Schaefer

Please email me if you would like to schedule a session with me over Zoom during school days from 8:30-3pm.

Please click here to link to Mrs. Schaefer's website.

Counseling sessions done over Zoom fall under the same confidentiality guidelines as sessions done in my office. Information shared during sessions is not shared by the counselor unless someone is hurting you and/or others, you want to harm yourself and/or others, and/or you give the counselor permission to share the information with a trusted adult. 

If you have an emergency, please call 911. If you need listening and support, referrals to resources/help, and crisis intervention, please dial 211 or text your zip code (Berthold: 58718, Burlington: 58722, Carpio: 58725, Des Lacs: 58733, Foxholm: 58718, Minot: 58701, Minot NW & NE sections: 58703) to 898-211.